April 1970

Art Critic : Hernán V. Dabove

Gallery Exhibit : Wildenstein

All the work presented by Baglione at the Wisdentein Gallery, conform the totality of values that throughout the years have accented, most of them, in synthesis. During the different stages of this artist’s life, he has searched to develop within the abstract. And now, in a new objective mode, his vision of color has a poetic conjunction, where the degradation of light is submitted to a profound analysis to suggest the finest pastes. The proximity to the object of this suggestion requires of Baglione the high speculation around creating diversity of matter.

Where we see in “Green Bottle” (Botellon Verde) the discrimination of grays and greens, a warm highlight, it encloses the idea of not accenting the surrounding of the soft scale that approaches the golden orange.

In other works like “Dead Nature” (Naturaleza Muerta), the synthesis we speak about if profiled with a vibrant blue in a vertical play projected as background to the whole composition.

The harmony constructed in “The Fantastic Mandolin” (La Mandolina Fantastica) revises expressive values in the very powerful warm gamut.

The earthly modulation does not hide the flow of composite elements that are discovered in the observation, well balanced by the cold tones of the background. Baglione, who is one of the few that was able to dominate the elaboration of greens within the argentine pictorial analysis, has put in “The Tailor (La Modista) the magical presence of counterpart greens employed in different layers, diversified in fine images.

With this exhibit Carlos Baglione confirms his expressive gift to improve himself, conditioning his technique to a palette that is provided of emotions, that exhibit visitor will discover, in form and color, finding in each theme the reasons for which this artist is improving.

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