April 1972

Art Critic : César Magrini

Gallery Exhibit: Wildenstein

He is an artist of undoubted class. However, he leaves me somewhat cold with is strict preoccupation for the formal balance, found in all of his work, in which he sacrifices a certain vibration, a certain interior content. His work is without doubt impeccable. He encounters serious problems and resolves them with complete authority without sacrificing spontaneity. But he possibly lacks some personality.

“The Blue Mandolin” (La Mandolina Azul) clearly shows that instinct security for resolution. “Dead Nature” (Naturaleza Muerta) (one of his best pieces) specially calls to attention the very well worked greens, and the light tones, while his authentic character of a painter is seen in “Bottles” (Botellas). Another “Dead Nature” (Naturaleza Muerta) speaks eloquently about an originality that Baglione should frequent more often. His work has strength, but appeases; it debates in fury, but delivers peace. The greens of “Apple With Fruit Bowl” (Manzana Con Frutera) are splendid, and incandescent are the reds of “Red Coffee Grinder” (Molinillo Rojo), another of his very notable pieces, in an exhibit that, at least, you will see with interest.

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